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F2P of the Week: Dirty Bomb + Beer

I realized that Total Biscuit and I have many things in common, other than our nationality, relative popularity,  looks, income, presence of a Wikipedia page, and overall video game skill of course. We do, however, have a shared love of … Continue reading

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Cities: Skylines on Sale!

The following is a partial repost of my article on indie games. Cities: Skylines $11.99 – Did you buy Sim City 5? Do you still feel like you bought some polished turd because a slick salesman swindled you? Well, now … Continue reading

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F2P of the Week: Iron Snout + Beer

Free-to-play is much more miss than hit these days. Many people rightly complain of pay-to-win, something that apparently doesn’t bother many Chinese people. But there are a few gems that really don’t require you to spend any money to compete … Continue reading

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Dying Light Review (Story): The Following

Make sure you check out the original Dying Light Review before reading this. The Following taught me even more about real life: Episode 5: Been training for awhile now with Teddy. Let’s just say we eat a lot of squirrel for … Continue reading

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WunWeg’s Steam Sale Top 5 – Indie Edition

Greetings fellow nerds! If you missed my Top Ten Post, do your eyeballs a favor and give it a quick glancy glance. I recommended quite a few AAA games that have been out for a bit and basically begging to be … Continue reading

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WunWeg’s Steam Sale Top Ten – Day 1

Day 1 Thoughts: First off, excitement! I totally forgot about this sale. Almost everything on my wishlist is at least 33% off. That being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty: There is a kinda fun idea of an … Continue reading

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WunWeg’s Ori and the Blind Forest Review

So you want to save whales? Do you watch Planet Earth and think, “I’m gonna travel the world, jump into caves, ride gazelles, and hold lion cubs in the air?” Do you watch that commercial with poor starving children and … Continue reading

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