WunWeg’s Darkest Dungeon Review


You meet a woman named Vesper Lynd on a train to Montenegro. She has been sent to protect the British government’s $10 million buy-in for a high stakes poker game.

You start the tournament that night. Playing against the only other person in the room who can match you, a French financier of terrorism named Le Chiffre.

You feel confident, you are sure you know your opponent’s tell. After the first break, you follow your opponent only to be attacked with your partner Vesper by a Ugandan freedom fighter. You barely escape his machete and kill him with your bare hands.

Vesper is traumatized, but you are here to comfort her and her prickly exterior gives way to your manliness. But then you lose all of your money when Le Chiffre tricks you and takes you all in.

Not only do you lose your money, but you lose Vesper’s trust and she refuses to fund you in the game. Luckily a CIA agent is willing to spot you as long as you promise to let the US bring Le Chiffre in.

After coming back into the game, you quickly build up your losses. Le Chiffre, not willing to lose, poisions your drink and you are literally on Death’s Door, before Vesper brings you back.

After “recovering” from the poison and despite the debuffs, you take Le Chiffre all in and win the $115 million pot.

Just when you think you are victorious, Le Chiffre captures you and Vesper. You hear him torture her in the other room and he tortures you by destroying your man bits. Luckily, just before you break you are saved by Mr. White who comes in and shoots Le Chiffre.

Because of everything you’ve been through Vesper has clearly fallen in love with you and you with her. You resign from MI6 because you’ve finally found something worth living for.

You travel with your new love to Venice. Soon after, you find out that your one true love has betrayed you and stolen the winnings. You pursue her and the men that she meets with, but the building sinks and she drowns herself in front of you rather than let you rescue her.

A broken man, without feelings, never to love again, you pursue your only lead with a fiery vengeance….

This is the plot to the movie Casino Royale, but if you play this game for long enough you will feel exactly like James Bond does in the end.

11/10 for incredibly deep strategy, awesome atmospheric gameplay, a well written story, and more pain than anyone should ever feel when playing video game.

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