WunWeg’s Dota 2 Review


Joining DOTA 2 is like moving to America from another country.

As a new immigrant, you will be yelled at, spit upon, called racial slurs that are incorrect to your nationality, and screamed at for being stupid and ignorant. You will be a drain on every match causing the economy of your team to drop with your silly actions. Those who are “long-time natives” will support your with their skilled labor. You will be given gold to buy things that you don’t deserve.

After several hundred hours of work, for which you see little to no compensation, you will finally do something right. People will look at you in shock. How did this second rate citizen do so well? Was it blind luck? A miracle?
The immigrants who have no desire to assimilate will continue to laugh at you (jajajajajaja) and shame you, yelling at you in Spanish and Portuguese. But if you keep at it, if you do nothing but play, you will have more of these moments where the real citizens start to treat you as one of their own. Even complimenting, nay, commending you from time to time. On that long road to being a citizen of this new capitalist jungle if you succeed, you will be praised and glorified. You will given wealth and fame. People will watch your every move and pay you money to learn to be you.

If you already live in America, and don’t want to learn what it feels like to be an immigrant, then you could continue to sit on your entitled white ♥♥♥ and play Heroes of the Storm.

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