WunWeg’s Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori Review

So you want to save whales? Do you watch Planet Earth and think, “I’m gonna travel the world, jump into caves, ride gazelles, and hold lion cubs in the air?”

Do you watch that commercial with poor starving children and get annoyed, then watch a commercial with sad puppies and Sarah McLachlan wailing in the background and find yourself rocking in the fetal position, your vision blurred with tears?

Are your favorite movies Princess Monoke, Avatar, and Fern Gully?

If you saw a child stuck in a tree, would you help the child out so the tree could get some damn peace and quiet?

Then buy this game, and play it on your laptop in the forest in the moonlight. Bring plenty of usb chargers because it’ll take you a few hours.

Seriously, if you have ever enjoyed a Zelda game or any sort of side-scrolling adventure, this will blow you away. Nature. In. Your. Face. Own it.

11/10 would be intimate with nature again.

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