WunWeg’s Steam Sale Top Ten – Day 1

Steam Lunar New Year

Day 1 Thoughts:

First off, excitement! I totally forgot about this sale. Almost everything on my wishlist is at least 33% off. That being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

There is a kinda fun idea of an “adventure” mini-game behind the sale where you must “return to Monkey City (not the most original town)” and make choices along the way. The choices lead to a list of games in the genre. For example, the first obstacle is a body of water and you can choose to swim across or dive around. The significance of the choice? You guessed it, a list of aquatic games on sale and driving games on sale.

I personally like to check out the highlighted deals and my own wishlist, but to each his own. I will note that there is a choice which brings you to some solid co-op games on sale, so it might be worth a look-through…more on that later.

Here are my top ten recommended choices for games on day 1 based on personal preference, price point, and overall reviews. I have not necessarily played all of these games so keep that in mind.

10. XCOM Enemy Unknown Complete Pack $9.99- If you missed the boat on this game over the last several years, now is the time to buy it. You could easily give this 40-50 hours of playtime without touching multiplayer. With the recent release and accolades of XCOM 2, I recommend starting from the beginning before shelling out $60 dollars on a brand new game. I will bet you can pick up XCOM 2 for $40 if you wait for the Summer Sale.

9. Tomb Raider $4.99 (GOTY $7.49) – Again, if you just haven’t given this game a shot yet, now is the time. With over 48,000 reviews on Steam, 95% of which are positive, it is hard to go wrong picking this up for a measly $5. I have personally played the campaign and it is fantastic: incredible graphics, fun story, neat RPG elements. It’s a good blend of Uncharted and Far Cry with some new elements thrown in. The GOTY is mostly multiplayer and aesthetic stuff, so it’s up to you if you want to spend the extra $2.50

8. Cities: Skylines $11.99 – Did you buy Sim City 5? Do you still feel like you bought some polished turd because a slick salesman swindled you? Well, now is the time to send a message with your wallet. Cities: Skylines is everything SC5 should have been. You can build virtually limitless sprawling cities, there is a fantastic modding community, and the game gets updated all the time without charging people. Their first DLC’s (which is $7.49 right now) biggest addition was the day/night cycle, but they gave it to people for free and then added a few underwhelming elements. Here’s a nice review of the DLC on Steam. If you like city builders, buy this and support good devs.

7. Helldivers $13.99 ($27.99 for Deluxe) – Co-op alert. If you are like me and you love PC games but miss the good ole-fashioned local co-op, well here you go. From the makers of Magicka comes a twin-stick shooter that is supposed to blow you away. 3,400 reviews with 91% of people saying positive. Many recommend to spring for the deluxe version. If you are on a budget, you might want to wait on this guy or spend a few more dollars on something like Fallout 4 (see below). If you have XBOX controllers and haven’t done local co-op with Steam yet, buy this guy. If you don’t have friends, skip this game (and maybe skip all these games and go find some friends).

6.  Black Mesa – $9.99 – Are you a fan of the Half-Life series? Are you wondering how a man like Gaben with the world in the palm of his hand hasn’t released HL3 yet? Well, so is everyone. Unlike us lazy turds who grumble into our headsets, someone did something about it: the devs behind Black Mesa have been working for years to update the original HL from pure love and Steam gave them money to do it right. If you never played the first HL, buy this. If you did play the original HL, buy this. Disclaimer: the game is still in EA and all the alien stuff is still unreleased so many people are still waiting, but you might not get to nab this up for $10 if you wait for too long.

5. Batman: Arkham Origins $4.99 – I don’t care what anyone says about this game. It is basically a giant DLC of Arkham City with a few tweaks and a new storyline. But the game is optimized pretty dang well now (something we STILL can’t say about Arkham Knight), AND ITS $5. Guys, the average cost of a movie ticket in 2015 was $8.50. Do it.

4. Alien: Isolation Collection $14.99 – I want to apologize if I have thrown in a bunch of games that y’all have already played, but this is another one that if you missed, you just need to buy it. I played this game from start to finish, at night, with headphones, and I can honestly say (after several new pairs of pants) I am a braver person now. If a burglar enters my house at night, I will grab my MF’in flamethrower from under my bed and I WILL ROAST HIS ASS. That’s what this game did for me. By the way, it’s the best Alien story since the movie Aliens.

3. Dungeon of the Endless + Endless Legend $4+$10 ($6.50+$13.50 for deluxe editions) – OK. I know this is technically two completely different games; however, the deluxe edition for Endless Legend benefits DotE. I am not a big fan of retro pixel games (I know, I know, calm down), but I love DotE. It is such a fun, challenging game. Endless Legend is everything fantasy Civ 5 with much deeper combat should be. Just pick this up.

2.  The Hitman Collection $9.99 – WHAT?! This pack includes every Hitman ever made + the newest absolution game with all the DLC… for $10 dollars! If you haven’t played the Hitman franchise, or it’s been awhile, please get this. The most recent Hitman, while it disappointed some die-hard fans for not being quite so “stealth-based”, it is absolutely fun and gorgeous, and 91% of the 15,000+ reviews on Steam seem to agree.

1.  Fallout 4 $40 –  I know this is going to be controversial. Though 80% of 52,000 reviews like this game, the top reviews are all “thumbs-down”. Here is what I will say: if you are OK with a more casual, action-oriented game then buy this. I have it at #1 because this is an objectively stellar game and you won’t get it at this price again until Summer Sale. It released back in November for Pete’s sake. If you are a die-hard Fallout fan and you know you will just be bothered because it deviates too much from the previous games, then move this deal to #6.

So, there it is. Please let me know what you guys think of the list. Remember, this is just day one. Are there any games that you definitely want to see on there? Are there any that you think shouldn’t be on this page at all? Cheers. Happy New Year.


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4 Responses to WunWeg’s Steam Sale Top Ten – Day 1

  1. Andrew Marshall says:

    Thank you for the reviews Wun Weg! I didn’t realize these games were so inexpensive right now! I bought a few from your recommendations and they have been great games so far. I don’t know if I’m ready to roast a burglar with a flamethrower, but I only play Alien Isolation with the lights on.

    P.S. Nice name, I love Game of Thrones!

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  3. Skyacev54 says:

    I will particularly support the Tomb Raider pick. At that price point, you get an extremely beautiful game. Although it’s visual beauty is beset by some unrealistic scenarios for Lara, it’s still got that great feel of being in the moment with Lara. Besides, what game of this genre doesn’t have unrealistic scenarios? Tomb Raider pays attention to small details that drive big impact. Lara is vulnerable, learning to survive under desperate situations and her dialogue reflects this. Her clothing gets wet in rain or water, she comes out with scrapes and torn clothing after a fall. I can wander around an area for a long time, discovering a dazzling scenic view that these video game artists created. I’m also glad she isn’t “fan service” anymore, Crystal Dynamics electing instead for a story-driven, character-building game.

    Although I didn’t play Arkham Origins on PC, I did play for the Xbox and I absolutely love the combat and I’m a sucker for getting all the hidden items in the game (which I did, by the way). $5 is an absolute steal!

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  4. Peckering01 says:



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