WunWeg’s Steam Sale Top 5 – Indie Edition


Greetings fellow nerds! If you missed my Top Ten Post, do your eyeballs a favor and give it a quick glancy glance. I recommended quite a few AAA games that have been out for a bit and basically begging to be bought. Spoiler: the list culminated with Fallout 4 because the dang thing is already $40 dollars and its been out 3 months. I feel bad for Xbox owners who can get it on “sale” for $52 and even worse for PS4 owners who have to pay $55.

Moving on. For those who don’t know, I am a a huge indie dev. fan; indies are making the game industry better in every way and without them we would be stuck with sequel after sequel of the same AAA nonsense (save for a few gems every here and there).


I thought you’d never ask:

5. Beseige $4.79 (Early Access) – This is one of the coolest physics-based build-em and destroy-em games I have ever played. With some awesome mod content, and some great guides to get you going, you can do some neat things. I will say that this is still pretty EA right now. It took me about 6-7 hours to beat the current campaign content. For less than $5, you can just build cool stuff and test it out in the sandbox for hours on end. Who’s stopping you? Not me.

4. This War of Mine $5.99 – So, you like war games? You like being a hero and killing 50,000 Nazis with handheld WMDs? Well, this is not at all like that. This is war from the side of the refugee. Does that mean you won’t do terrible things to survive? Oh no, you will, but that’s war, dammit. And what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING….or just to experience it 3rd hand through a video game because your life is too damn cushy.

3. Hand of Fate $8.49 – Old school RPG-style card game meets ARPG with some light Arkham-style combat. Virtually limitless replay value. This game is unique and fun and the devs released 3 separate DLCs for free before offering extras that you pay for. You won’t get that kind of love from a giant game studio.

2. The Long Dark $10.99 (Early Access) – This game is near and dear to my heart; it is beautiful, and brutal. This is a survival game at its finest. I bought it over a year ago and I just keep coming back to it. If you have any love for survival games, spend the money and support the devs over at Hinterland for doing some great things. Note: Long Dark is expected to release Spring of 2016 so this might be your last chance at a sale. 

1. The Talos Principle $9.99 – I cannot tell you anything without it detracting from the glorious, emotional, immersive experience of this game and its story. Don’t read about this. Don’t think about it. Just buy the best first-person puzzle game ever made (I still love you Portal 1&2). 

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



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