F2P of the Week: Iron Snout + Beer

Iron Snout

Free-to-play is much more miss than hit these days. Many people rightly complain of pay-to-win, something that apparently doesn’t bother many Chinese people. But there are a few gems that really don’t require you to spend any money to compete and instead offer you the choice of financially contributing to the game with some aesthetic or time-saving reward.

Let’s take a look at the first of many awesome Free-to-Plays:

I wanted to start this series with a gigantic hit like SMITE or Path of Exile, but decided to feature a tiny awesome hit like Iron Snout.  You play a pig that I have nicknamed Kevin Bacon, and like a Kung-Fu master, you go to town on the wolves that are trying to slay you. This is the piggy version of Kill Bill.

This game is so simple, and yet so well-designed that you will find yourself coming back for more.”I just massacred 112 rocket-riding, knife-pogo-sticking, chainsaw-wielding wolves,” you say with a satisfied tone. Then, suddenly, you are clicking “new game” and going for 113. And will you feel excited about that single extra wolf pelt on your symbolic wall of achievement? Damn straight.

After you start out, you will quickly realize that you need a bit of strategy to face each enemy. You can’t simply button mash and avoid damage. Try ducking, jumping, and ground-pounding your way to victory.

This could easily be considered a casual game, but you might find yourself spending more time fending off wolves than you did delving into your latest AAA purchase, especially if your free-time is limited.

11/10 for indie ingenuity and all-around fun gameplay.

Check out funny version of review on Steam


I recommend drinking  a tasty, refreshing White Rascal from Avery Brewing while enjoying this game. This Belgian-style white ale sips perfectly on an easy afternoon when you just want to de-stress through wolf murder.




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