Cities: Skylines on Sale!

Cities Skylines

The following is a partial repost of my article on indie games.

Cities: Skylines $11.99 – Did you buy Sim City 5? Do you still feel like you bought some polished turd because a slick salesman swindled you? Well, now is the time to send a message with your wallet. Cities: Skylines is everything SC5 should have been. You can build virtually limitless sprawling cities, there is a fantastic modding community, and the game gets updated all the time without charging people. Their first DLC’s (which is $7.49 right now) biggest addition was the day/night cycle, but they gave it to people for free and then added a few underwhelming elements. Here’s a nice review of the DLC on Steam. If you like city builders, buy this and support good devs.

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