F2P of the Week: Dirty Bomb + Beer


I realized that Total Biscuit and I have many things in common, other than our nationality, relative popularity,  looks, income, presence of a Wikipedia page, and overall video game skill of course. We do, however, have a shared love of the free-to-play game Dirty Bomb.

AND SO, Dirty Bomb is the F2P game you should be playing right now if you are a member of the PC Master Race.

I know what you’re saying…”ZMN, you are a silly fool. Why would I play some rando FPS game that I have never heard of over games like Battlefield, CS:GO, or Black Ops III?”

And I would respond, “Because it isn’t those games! And it isn’t a rip-off of those games. Even those games are a rip-off of those games!” (think about that one for a hot minute).

Dirty Bomb is a Hero-based, objective-based FPS, much closer to Team Fortress or even games like DOTA2 and LOL, and that is what makes it so much fun. Each hero has a distinct role to fill and a unique way of playing. Rather than limiting the game, it makes the game much less cluttered. The problem that games like CoD have is that they give everyone far TOO many options to the point where only a few archetypes really become useful due to balancing issues.

Dirty Bomb will knock your socks off with its speed and fun. The game still has a long way to go, but it is still in Beta and it sees regular updates. It absolutely is not pay-to-win.

Ranked Season 1 is starting today. So DL this thing on Steam and get to the pew-pew.

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I highly recommend a Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes brewery. The hint of citrus does well to balance out the bitterness that one finds in many IPA’s. Take nice long sips of this smooth beer between spawns… you might find yourself dying on purpose just so you can have more.

Until next time,


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