F2P of the Week: Brawlhalla + Beer


WELCOME TO BRAWLHALLA, a fantastic spin-off of the classic brawler, Smash Bros. The PC master-race finally has a strategic smash-em type game, and the best part? It’s totally free!

When I look through the most popular free-to-plays on Steam, 9 out of 10 are filled with really dissatisfied communities. The top reviews have some serious game-breaking complaints: became pay-to-win, no dev support/devs are greedy, horribly imbalanced, etc. This could not be more different from what you see from the Brawlhalla community and the game is still technically in Early Access.

So, reading the favorable signs, I gave this guy a DL, and so far, with only about 7 hours played, I highly recommend making this part of your library for the following reasons:

Unique Take on Established Genre: Rather than heroes having a unique set of special moves via Smash Bros, Brawlhalla gives heroes weapons that they can pick up during the battle and use. Each Legend has two weapons with moves unique to that hero, which actually gives much more variety to each hero. For example, Koji, the Samurai Legend, has a bow and arrow and  a samurai sword. You can only pick up and use one or the other and it is a random chance which one you will get; however, you can always throw your weapon and try for a different one. Heroes also have stats, str, speed, etc. but the weapon system is what makes the game fun and unique.

Active Dev Community: Game is updated constantly, the forums are active and devs actually listen to players when they have ideas for new legends (heroes). Some of the heroes still feel unbalanced, but that’s forgivable in EA.

Variety of Game Modes: First off. You might not have a PC for the purpose of local co-op, but as I’ve stated before, you can get up to 4 xbox controllers on your PC for less than $15. This game has 4 player couch party and it is a ton of fun. It also features online (the main mode), online custom with a variety of modes, and ranked (1v1 and 2v2, hopefully 3v3 and 4v4 coming soon).

Quick-fire gameplay: Not only does the game move quickly, but each match is 4 minutes long in standard online, which is the perfect time for a match. It keeps you queuing over and over.

The game still needs a more robust leveling system and more ranked play modes, but that should come in time.

So, stop reading and START BRAWLING!


You might find yourself a bit parched after each match since you won’t be able to drink during (the gameplay is too fast). So why not make up for it with a delicious Belgian golden ale: La Fin Du Monde. This guy is as smooth as it gets and it boasts a 9% ABV… what more need I say?

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