The Culling-Short Fiction Review (Part 1)

The Culling


Somebody killed my wife.

They say I done it, but I didn’t. I found her there, lyin’ there, lifeless. Blood soaked in the floorboard, blood on my hands, blood everywhere.

And that’s how they found me.

I never made it big, so they saddled me with some doe-eyed child as green as lawyers come. But I’m poor and he’s free. You get what you pay for. Never had a fightin’ chance. Innocent ’till guilty… hah. The thing is, I as good as did it. I owed a man money who you shouldn’t owe money, hopin’ it would float us ’till I won big, but she wound up dead before I could get in the ring.

Now they’ve sentenced me to this goddamn television show. I gotta fight 15 other murderers for entertainment. Sick world we’re livin’ in these days. No place for a decent man. That’s OK for me I guess, ‘cuz I sure as S#%! ain’t decent anymore. They say I’m a murderer, well I’m gonna be. How ever many it takes to get back out and find the men who did this. If killin’ is gonna make this world a little more decent, then hell, I got nothin’ to lose.


They got me in this trainin’ room. Showin’ me how to make things to kill people. There’s this stuff called F.U.N.C. they give me; it’s like magic, somethin’ about nanotech-whatever. I take two rocks, rub em together with some of this FUNC stuff and I get a knife, I smash a piece of wood on that, I get an axe. Still pretty primitive lookin’, and I prefer usin my mitts, but if it’ll get the job done, I suppose in some F#%$ed up way I’m grateful.

I know they’re just doin’ it for entertainment. The better they train us, the better the show we can put on, but the way they look at me, I know I’m doin’ somethin’ special. Maybe this is why I wasn’t any good at anythin’ else I ever did. Maybe it’s ‘cuz deep down, I’m a born killer.

This mornin’ they showed me how to rig a steel trap, get someone right in the doorway and BAM, stick em right in the back. I always been the face-to-face kinda fighter, but if these are lowlife murderers and rapists, I won’t have any trouble sleepin’ at night.

After that, they got me usin’ bows, poison darts, throwin’ knives, an’ for the big finale, explosives. Goddamn, I shoulda been a military man.

I got one more day in this cage. Tomorrow they’re gonna drop me in. No rules, just brutal slaughter to please the masses. I never felt more ready for anything in my life. I’m gonna sleep like a baby.


I highly recommend this game so far: Please Rate my Steam Review

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