The Culling: Short Fiction Review (Part 2)

The Culling2

If you haven’t read Part 1, make sure you check it out.


This is it. They got me in this room with every kinda weapon you could want. Say I can pick out a package. If I earn enough, they’ll send some airdrop in for me. Isn’t any scavenged business either; all top notch. Only the best for us cons. World’s gone crazy. I pick up a rifle, check the clip: only four bullets. No way I’m makin’ those shots. I move away from the firearms, too loud anyway, might as well wave one a those big fingers they got at ballgames. Bows, nah. Traps, make ’em when I’m in it. Close combat, now we’re talkin’. I pick up a machete, feels alright. Grab one of those Japanese swords, really light, maybe…. Then somethin’ catches my eye. Oh yeah, this’ll do, this’ll do nicely.


Every muscle I got is tense as a tow-rope. I’m droppin’ through the sky and I can’t see a damn thing. In a box barely big enough to turn around. Like a piece a cargo…guess that’s what I am now, here for everyone’s entertainment. I’m about to give ’em somethin’ they’ll never forget.

I think about my girl…always loved you, never meant to hurt you. Now the whole world’s gonna feel your hurt.

BAM. I land with a thud that rattles my skull. I hear some announcer they got piped in through the whole stadium, “GET READY! 5…4…3…2…1!” Top flies off my cage. I’m free. My heart’s racin’ like the Indy 500.

I can’t see a damn thing, just jungle all around. Need a weapon. I pick up a rock. Another one. Got enough FUNC for a knife…well a shiv. A branch. Now I got a spear, good; we’ve come a long way from the cavemen, eh? Hah. I need to find a buildin’ before someone else does. I scramble up a hill like a madman and look out. Past the jungle I see some tower in the distance. Bingo.

Found a nice shallow stream that makes the goin’ a little easier, should reach that tower in no time. The announcer booms out, “Somebody killed another player with a knife!” One down, fourteen to go.

There it is! Building is about 400 feet away. I stop and scout a bit. No movement that I can see. Alright, let’s check this… Oh, S%!T. A rock just whizzed by my head. I whirl around and some skinhead’s swingin’ hammer at me. Duck. I clock him with the haft of my spear in the ribs. I hear a satisfying crack. He jumps back, holdin’ his side with one hand. We stand there. just breathin’ hard. Go ahead, a$%hole. Make your move….


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1 Response to The Culling: Short Fiction Review (Part 2)

  1. Andre K. says:

    Awesome writing! Can’t wait for the next part my friend. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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