F2P of the Week: Path of Exile + Beer

Path of Exile

There is no other F2P ARPG that comes close to Path of Exile in its depth, originality, and its lasting fun-factor. It is ESPECIALLY addicting if you have close friends who play. It is by no means perfect. It lacks a compelling pvp component (so does every ARPG), and it really needs a guild system that rewards players for teaming up with others. The graphics, especially the lighting is a bit dated, but these are gripes that are easily overlooked.

So with out further ado:

Let’s talk about why this succeeds where so many other ARPGs and F2P games fail:

  1. Virtually Limitless but Guided Customization: The fact that PoE does not include specifically bound skills for each class, but instead requires a minimum attribute to use each skill, allows for almost limitless customization. There are still the three standard RPG attributes: Agility, Strength, and Intellect and they do exactly what you might think. Each class is either a straight Agi, Str, or Int hero or they are a hybrid of the two.

POE Skill Tree

The skill tree shown above is another very fun and addictive way to specialize whichever hero you choose. You are somewhat limited by your starting location, but the tree is a much more enjoyable way to customize your character. Every time you level or complete certain quests (which is very often early on) you gain a skill point that you can use to increase your attack speed, spell damage, stats, resistances, crit chance with certain weapons, etc. The neat thing about this is you actually FEEL your character getting stronger and faster, aside from the spells they can cast.

Now with the new Ascendancy expansion, there are specialized skill trees for each class, further defining your role in the late game.

2. Balanced PvE difficulty: I always enjoy a challenge. This game delivers that especially in the later playthroughs. I will say that up until recently there have been some seriously overpowered skills at lower levels that can cause a sense of monotony. They have done a nice job of adding more variety and balance lately.

3. Heart and Soul Factor: The game is built by gamers for gamers. It isn’t built to appeal to the widest variety of audiences like many AAA games are. It feels like a unique world and a unique story told by nerds who actually enjoy RPG games.

4. Regular Content Updates: Ascendancy marks the fourth expansion since the game released in 2013. Not many developers are so committed to constantly expanding the game without charging you for it. Look at the shameful PAYDAY microtransaction scandal. Disgusting.

5. F2P Done Right: You only pay for aesthetics and quality of life improvements like storage space. People support the devs and the devs support the players. Who’da thunk it?

Have I convinced you? Download Path of Exile right now and start slaying like its yo job.

Read The Funny Version on Steam

Until next time…



As Path of Exile is a dark game, a dark, robust beer should pair nicely. I recommend Three Philosphers, Ommegang Brewery’s Belgian Style Quadrupel. It is so smooth and boasts a 9.7% ABV. Enjoy!

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